Chuwi aerobook 13.3 install Linux

Can i able to install Linux operating system in Chuwi Aerobook 13.3
And if i will install it…where i found linux motherhood driver like, graphics driver, audio driver etc.


Yes you can try Linux.

Download Manjaro Linux

Flash it to a usb drive using etcher from and then run it directly, if all the drivers work then install it alongside your existing windows until you feel comfortable with it.

Installed Linux Mint on it - runs like charm. The only catch was wireless card drivers install, but you can get them from Intel website.

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Any of you guys had problems with the webcam on linux? Is it working?

You can try Manjaro linux using a live cd and check how many drivers are available.
Follow this post.

Use it on usb and if you like it then you can flash it to your hard-drive

Hi @spikerguy,

I tried the live manjaro and in fact the camera and the drivers, including uvcvideo, are available and active from boot. The problem is that when I try to use any application to test the web cam it doesn’t work because: or complains about “no capture device”, or about permissions but I don’t see how I can solve this.
Any thought?

Thank you

What do you mean? How do you know the camera driver is present?

Which application did you try?
Check with kamoso or cheese these are camera application.
Let me know.

If I run dmesg | grep usb I see image

I tried a bunch of them: guvcview, cheese, vlc, ffmpeg… but no success.
In Manjaro I have devices in /dev/video*, but in Xubuntu nothing.
What am I missing or should I run/install?

If you have tried it then can you post it in Manjaro newbies forum? Someone from the community will try to help you.

And from the lsusb I see that the device is detected.

Thank you for your help @spikerguy.
I’ll try that way.