Chuwi aerobook webcam


I have an issue with the Aerobook webcam.

First of, most of the time the webcam is not detected by Windows 10 - which is strange because it is integrated and it worked ok for the first months. What I noticed is that when I move the screen monitor back or forward, it gives the plugged/unplugged sound (like any usb) and the camera starts working. I really don’t understand why and it becomes hard to rely on this camera.
As anyone experienced the same issue?

The other situation is:
I installed Xubuntu alongside with Windows. I had no problems with the installation and overall everything seems to work, but not the webcam.
I tried to get the drivers or to recognize it to work, but couldn’t do it, and in this case I really need for work purposes.

Are the drivers available (skycam?) somewhere or some tips so I could fix this problem and get the webcam to work?

Thank you

From what you say, that the camera is activated or deactivated when moving the screen, everything seems to indicate that your problem is not software but hardware and that the connection of the camera is not perfectly fitted.

Thank you for your reply @manonegra222.
I fear for a problem like that. If it is a connection problem can I fix it?
But in Ubuntu I should have the câmera working, even if for random periods like in Windows. Or Ubuntu doesnt support the aerobook câmera?

As you described above, you can hear plug\unplug sound at moments, when you move screen monitor.
It seems 99% like not software problem.
In this case, doesn’t mаtter which one OS is installed on yours Aerobook. Windows or Xubuntu or other…
If this happen during movements screen - some contacts of your webcam cable loop connecting and disconnecting motherboard.
I think, if you have basic skills to operate with screwdriver and have no any doubt about warranty applied to Aerobook, try to open rear cover and find out cable loop connection which one belong for screen monitor.
Very gently move cable connected to. If problem exist with cable connection or with cable loop - you can hear this sound again at moments of move them.
Of course, laptop must be powered on while you make this try.
If you suffering ANY doubt about self created damage - better ask for help Chuwi after-sale support to avoid to get a brick instead of working Aerobook.
Good luck!

Hello @Bosystan, thank you very much for your reply.

I’m not sure but I believe that if I open the laptop the warranty for it will be over. I was willing to try to fix it as you suggested, and that is my will, but the problem is that I can’t afford to broke the laptop now because I really need it.
I don’t see how this could be self created damage, I don’t have any problem with it in anyway, no cringes or broken corners, nothing, because I try to preserve it as much as I could and that’s why this webcam issue is really weird.
What can the after sale support do for me or what do you suggest I should do?
Also, in regular and normal conditions, did you know or do you know anyone who installed some linux distro and had the camera working?

Best regards

After a few more tests i got this from running hwinfo:

So linux knows the camera is there, but how can I make it to use it? I can’t change uvcvideo to ative.