CHUWI Aerobook second screen does not work

Hello, I got the following problem:

Today i received a new monitor and I wanted to connect it to my Aerobook. I connected it through a HDMI-cable and a docking station (cause the Aerobook has no HDMI plug).
Unfortunately my monitor could not receive a signal.

So I was wondering: Is the Aerobook not able to transmit video through HDMI?

After that issue I did research and found out that seemingly the Aerobook can only do video transmission through USB-C?

So a USB-C to HDMI adapter should work?

I really hope for a solution!

Thank you!

Chuwi AeroBook has mini HDMI output and to connect a monitor you will need an appropriate mini HDMI to HDMI cable


Thank you very much! I did not realize that at first.
I have now bought such an adapter and it works!

Thx again! :smiley: