Should I be able to drive an external monitor via USB-C Hub?

Very disappointed that I can’t seem to be able to drive a second monitor using a hub plugged into the USB-C port.

I’d previously used the hub on a Macbook and successfully drove an external monitor. It also works perfectly with my Chuwi Hi13 - so I know Chuwi can do it.

But plugged into my Aerobook, all the other functions work - network, power, USB etc - but there’s no signal reaching my monitor. Also, an error comes up on the Aerobook “Display connection might be limited” (see below)

Should it work? Am I doing something wrong?

OK, so I’ve done all the updates I can and I’ve now seen this working - intermittently. Not sure if the updates had any effect but I’m keen to find out how to stop this DisplayPort error happening.

I also had problems with a wireless mouse+keyboard plugged into the same hub. Switched for wired versions and they work OK.