Aerobook doesnt connec to postable monitor thro USB C or USB A

hi ,
I cannot connect my aeroboook to portable USB C powered monitor thro the USB port. I have an Asus MB16AC portable monitor but the aerobook doesn’t connect it. the screen flickers but it doesn’t work.

any one can help to solve this issue

Does the Asus display have power? Because I don’t think the UBook has enough power to turn on the auxiliary screen

the external monitor doesn’t have power only female USB C input, however the external monitor does connect to my other laptop
Lenovo thro the USB C port .

what’s happening is that the chuwi laptop is trying to connect as of the device connects and disconnects . the cable I am using is working fine with other laptop.

Everything seems to indicate that the USB C connector is not long enough to connect correctly on the AeroBook, can you try a longer connector?