ACPI UCM-UCSI Device Error

I am trying to connect an HDMI monitor through the USB-C connector of a Chuwi UbookX. I can’t get it to work for me and I’ve tried multiple cables and multiple monitors.
When buying the computer in the Bios the USB-C was disabled and in the Administrator
Devices did not put any error.
However, after activating it an error appears in Device Manager. (See screenshot)
I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but it tells me that the correct ones are already installed and through Windows Update it does not detect new drivers either.
Does anyone know what can I do? Has anyone tried connecting to an HDMI monitor using the USB-C port?

Hi, yes, it works fine for me. However, I use a USB-C hub with HDMI 4K and USB-PD 100W support.