USB-C is not working with external monitors

Hello everyone! I recently purchased the Chuwi Minibook X N100 and received it yesterday.
I’m attempting to connect my new laptop to my Dell monitor (Dell P3222QE) using the USB-C port,
but unfortunately, nothing is appearing on the screen. I keep receiving the message ‘No USB-C signal from your device.’

I’ve tried both USB-C ports on the Chuwi, but nothing happens.
The only functionality I get is with the mouse and keyboard connected to the Dell monitor as a hub.

Could you please advise if this is normal, or if there’s something specific I should do?
Thank you in advance!"

Have you checked if the cable you are using is compatible? Is it a cable that has all lines, for Video transmission?

Not all USB-C cables are the same. Some of them, most of those provided with smartphones, etc, are only data and power.


Have you tried another monitor or a projector? I have used the USB type C ports to connect an adapter with USB type A ports, ethernet port and HDMI output to connect via HDMI cable a projector. In this case it worked without issues.


I am currently able to connect my work laptop to my Dell monitor using a USB-C to USC-B connection.
This allows me to display in full 4K resolution on the Dell monitor. However, when I attempt the same setup with my Chuwi Minibook X, I encounter issues. The only successful connection involves using a hub through the USB-C port on the Chuwi and then connecting to the Dell monitor via HDMI. Unfortunately, this method limits the display resolution to 1920x1200 pixels on the monitor.

Or chuwi has no DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP Alt Mode) that allows a USB-C equipped computer to connect directly to a display or monitor?

The usb port closest to the back is for data and Chuwi 12 volts charging charging. Connecting my 4K screen that can deliver power over USB C as well to the other USB C port of the Minibook works fine. Both 4K resolution and battery charging. Tested with Windows 11 and Ubuntu 24.04. It could be an incompatibility issue while by using the hub you get display.

Hello again,
This is possible because these adapters have all the wires needed to provided data and video and convert the signal to HDMI.

From my understanding, you are trying to connect a USB-C monitor and for this, you need a cable compatible.

Is your USB-C port designed for video output (DisplayPort Alternate Mode or Thunderbolt 3)? Consult your device’s manual or manufacturer’s website.

if after all the help that these nice guys here are offering is not solved, just give me an @, so i will ask tech after holidays(we come back on 19th). But i have checked and Minibook USB C has full functions so it should work.