MiniBook X - usb-c/thunderbolt dock?

Hello there.

I am considering buying a Chuwi Minibook X.

I would like to know if the usb-c port can be used with an usb-c docking station to drive an external display (or two).

On my current work laptop (gpu: intel uhd 620) I can drive two displays (1920x1200) without problems, I’m wondering if I could do the same with this laptop.

Thanks in advance to anybody that will reply to this question.

You can use a USB C hub/dock with both USB C ports on the Minibook X, since both support data. You’ll only get display out from the second port (the “full featured” PD port) though.

You can have the internal laptop display and one external monitor through USB C. If you need a second external monitor, you’ll need a USB DisplayLink adapter. These essentially add a second graphics card, which means the performance might not be good enough to play 4K videos or games, but it will work fine for generic use.