Usb charging minibook x

I have a couple of questions about charging. What will happen if I connect the charger to the second USB port, not the dedicated one? Will it be destroyed? Will it be charged if I connect a 5V charger? What happens when I plug the USB dongle into the charging socket?

If you plug the original Chuwi 20v charger into the second USB-C port, nothing will happen. The laptop won’t be damaged in any way, it just won’t charge.

If you connect any PD charger to the first USB-C port, nothing will happen. Only the original Chuwi 20v charger will charge the device on the first port.

The second USB-C port supports USB PD (“Power Delivery”) for charging. However, it is only compatible with 20v power, so your PD charger typically needs to have a 45w output. The laptop will not charge on any other voltage - not 5v, not 9v, not 15v. It must be 20v PD to work on the second USB-C port.

Both USB-C ports will accept data connections, so you can connect regular USB devices (like memory sticks, hard disks, network cards etc) on both of the USB-C ports and they will work.

Video output is possible, but only over the second USB-C port. You cannot get native video output over the first USB-C port.


thank you very much for the clarification. that’s what I meant

I’m a little surprised when I checked my charger. this is A241 model with 12V 24W only. and this is the original charger. however it loads, but problemy slow. in the description there is that it supports 40W, so I can probably give a stronger charger?

From my testing the Minibook X will not charge at anything less than 20v PD. You might find it shows ‘plugged in’ and maybe even shows ‘charging’ for a minute, but it will never actually recharge the battery.

As for actual recharging, the circuitry caps out at 20w. However, if you’re using the laptop at the same time, you might find 30w+ power draw from the adapter while it charges the battery and powers the hardware. Can’t say for certain on that one though, haven’t tested it.

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But CHUWI is selling 12V charger. Screen from Chuwistore:

Yes, that’s for the proprietary charging port.

There are two USB-C ports on the device. The first one has data and 12v charging only. The second one is “full” with PD support.

Hi, your post is helpfull

I send back both Ugreen and Baseus 65W charger that i only test on 1st USB-C port

Before finding this thread, I did’nt imagine to plug them on the 2nd USB-C port that don’t have any lable

Hi, when you are writing that,
do we must understand 45W as a minimum ?
and can we use more powerfull PD charger such 65W ?

It doesn’t matter how many watts.

Watts, or current, are “drawn” or “consumed” by the device. They are not outputted.

The voltage is outputted, and as long as the PD charger has a 20v output, you will be fine.


Thank you for our feedback

i confirm success charging on 2nd USB-C ports with a BASEUS 65W PD charger

thank you again to all of you for helping

I can confirm a few things :slight_smile:

  • It does not charge from a 12V/1.5A USB-PD powerbank. It says “Connected, charging” or something like this, but the powerbank turns off after a while.
    Really a bummer since it can clearly charge from 12V so what’s up with that. These powerbanks are much more common and much cheaper than 20V ones.
  • The supplied charger only charges through 1 of the ports, and is not USB-PD. Also annoying since it won’t charge my phone (well it will, in 4 hours at 5v probably), so I have to carry a PD charger, but it uses up the “fully featured” USB port :frowning:
  • 65W Lenovo PD charger with 20V/3.25A charges fine
  • 30W Blitzwolf PD charger with 20V/1.5A charges as well.

I ordered a 20V USB-PD charger so should be able to test it soon.

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Sooo I got the new powerbank and I have to report that it doesn’t use 20V charging with the Minibook X. Only 12V.

As you can see it charges the Thinkpad at 20V but Minibook only goes up to 12V. This is using a 100W Lenovo Thunderbolt cable or a cheap Blitzwolf USB-C cable. I’ve seen it go up to 2A so far.

So I don’t know why it doesn’t work with my other powerbank. Either there’s a fault with my specific powerbank, or it tries pull 2A and if the powerbank can’t deliver it, it gets disabled? In any case I’d suggest you try different powerbanks before spending money on a big and expensive 30W one.