Charging MinibookX with iPhone charger

I am quite confused if it is possible to charge this device with the same cable I am using to charge my iPhone and iPad. Both are USB-C. The charger is 20 W. It seems that I can not charge Minibook with iPhone charger and I can not charge the iPhone and iPad with Chuwi charger. I just want to have one charger that I can use for both devices. What type of charger should I buy and which port should I use to charge? If I buy USB-C docking station will it be abe to charge the device?

Not sure if this would answer you but by Chuwi Minibook X N100, it said to support 45W charger.

The Minibook X N100 comes with a proprietary charger that is rated for 12 Volts and max 3 Amperes. That makes 36 Watts. Even though the Chuwi charger has an USB C connector it is not (and does not have to be) compliant with standard USB C Power Delivery. The Chuwi charger can only charge the Minibook and possibly other Chuwi products. Only the USB C port closest to the back of the MiniBook can be used for proprietary charging.

The second USB C port is compliant with standard USB C Power Delivery. USB C Power Delivery negotiates the Voltage needed. The Minibook will require an USB C Power supply that is compliant with standard USB C Power Delivery and can deliver 20 Volts. Be aware not all USB C Power supplies can deliver 20 Volts!

I have tested one compatible power supply that can deliver 20 Volts and 30 Watts max, as well as another one that can deliver 20 Volts and 65 Watts max. The max power measured with an in line USB C power meter is 32 Watts.

So a 30 Watts USB C PD Power Supply can power the Minibook, but might increase the charging time under high CPU load a bit. And a 65 Watt USB C PD Power Supply can easily charge the system under load as the Minibook won’t ask for more power than 32 Watts.

A 100 Watts USB C PD power supply will not charge the MiniBook faster than a 45 Watts power supply. An USB C PD Power supply that cannot deliver 20 Volts, will not charge the Minibook at all.

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Great info Jaap. Today I also tried my Dell laptop charger which can deliver power at 65W via USB-C and it works. Now I can put both of them in my bag with one charger. Love the device already.