Charge the minibook with a powerbank

I am not able to load the minibook with a power bank. Do you have to configure something? The most I have achieved is that the power bank is loaded with the minibook, but not the other way around.

Following! I am curious about this.

According to CHUWI’s official information (aside from it is right or not)

45W USB-C Power Adapter

Therefore USB hub has to be able to supply >= 45W. Is it ok?
( through ONE USB port, not total power )

this would not be worth? I just bought it.
Powerbank Huawei CP12S - SuperCharge 40W , 12.000mAh,

Sorry, I don’t know about ‘SuperCharge’ and if it is compatible with PD2.0.
(‘SuperCharge’ is Huawei’s proprietary power delivery specification)

MiniBook is compliant with PD2.0 and I know someone who uses MiniBook with PD2.0 hub for charging.

The Minibook requires a charger compatible to deliver 12V 2A. If your powerbank only can deliver 1.5A at 12 volt then it won’t work. I’ve tried to charge the Minibook using a 12V 1.5A 18 watt adapter, and it just won’t work.

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Hello. Finally I bought the Xiaomi 20000mAh Pro 3 USB type C, 45W, 20000 power bank and it does not charge the chuwi minibook either.
Do you know if you have to configure something on the computer to load it?

There is nothing to configure in the Minibook. But what I can find the Xiaomi powerbank follows the Qualcom QC standard (QuickCharge) while the Minibook requires a PD (Power delivery) standard. (PD3.0, and able to deliver 12V 2 A). It can;t be charged using a QC charger.

Thanks for answering. Another user assured that he loaded his minibook with this charger. Couldn’t it be because of the cable?

This thing really has me fried. I bought another 40w huawei charger and it only charges if the minibook is off. If I turn it on it stops charging.
Could the battery be broken?

I have a couple of PD power banks bought from an Australian online retailer called Kogan, with their house brand. One is 20000 mah, it has micro USB charge input as well as USB-C PD in/out line. It charges Minibook, its status lights indicate PD. The other is 26800 mah, USB-C in/out only, two Qualcomm QC3 USB type A sockets, Minibook doesn’t recognise it. The PD/QC3 bank is claimed PD3, I can only guess that PD2 isn’t entirely compatible with it. I’ve also got a Chuwi Hi10 XR, which comes with a proprietary 12V 2A charger with USB-C plug, it charges Minibook too, and I’ve a Satechi 67W PD car charger that also charges Minibook (I think you only get full 67W if it’s fed 24V anyway). I intend to wire a USB-C plug to a standard 12V source, I think Minibook will charge with that, its PD capacity was announced during the Kickstarter development campaign, not at the beginning, so it seems to be an afterthought and not a core spec, but 12V, 2A constant current works - but I can’t find anyone but Chuwi using USB-C to deliver that.