Charge the minibook with a powerbank

I am not able to load the minibook with a power bank. Do you have to configure something? The most I have achieved is that the power bank is loaded with the minibook, but not the other way around.

Following! I am curious about this.

According to CHUWI’s official information (aside from it is right or not)

45W USB-C Power Adapter

Therefore USB hub has to be able to supply >= 45W. Is it ok?
( through ONE USB port, not total power )

this would not be worth? I just bought it.
Powerbank Huawei CP12S - SuperCharge 40W , 12.000mAh,

Sorry, I don’t know about ‘SuperCharge’ and if it is compatible with PD2.0.
(‘SuperCharge’ is Huawei’s proprietary power delivery specification)

MiniBook is compliant with PD2.0 and I know someone who uses MiniBook with PD2.0 hub for charging.

The Minibook requires a charger compatible to deliver 12V 2A. If your powerbank only can deliver 1.5A at 12 volt then it won’t work. I’ve tried to charge the Minibook using a 12V 1.5A 18 watt adapter, and it just won’t work.

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