External monitor won't work

Hi, I’m having this issue where I can get my external monitor to work with my chuwi corebookX.

I have it connected via HDMI through a docking station which plugs into my usb c port.

My computer detects the screen, knows its there but when I try to extend it or duplicate displays it stays black and says ‘no signal’, also the laptop display flickers a little.

I tried monitor settings, also tried installing drivers for it but nothing works. Monitor works normally with my other laptop though.

What could be causing this issue, I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks and regards,


Which is the USB-C Docking Station you are using?

  1. Check if USB full Feature is activated at BIOS.
  2. Some docking stations only properly work if receiving external power.


Hi, thanks for replying.

I checked the BIOS settings and they look fine.

I am using this Orico docking station

I bought a HDMI > USB-C cable and the monitor now works, but I lost my docking usb ports which I really need… could there be another solution?



Indeed, Orico one should work. It´s nothing like those huge docking hubs. This is probably a compatibility issue with this specific one. One thing you can try, is to connect the Docking Station, and connect your USB-C to HDMI cable to the USB-C port of the docking station, luckly this keeps full feature on that port.



I’ve already tried that, nothing happened, it didn’t even detect the monitor, which is strange. Maybe the USB-C port on the dock is charge only.