Does CoreBook X-Pro support 2 external displays?

I purchased the CoreBook X-Pro and I have one external monitor connected using the standard HDMI port. I was hoping to add a second external monitor. I have tried the USB-C port but realized it does not support DisplayPort for external monitors. I then bought a USB-HDMI adapter but it also does not appear to work. Is there any other option or should I give up? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

I’m afraid that due to the construction of this device, you can only have one external monitor connected through HDMI, and as you tested, I can confirm, not possible to add an external monitor through USB-C because it does not support DP.


Hey CF! Thanks for the quick response and confirmation. I would have spent way too much time and money trying random things to get this working. - Jim

[SOLVED!] - I was about to give up and decided to give it one last try. I purchased a USB 3.0 to HDMI converter for $15 (search for and plugged it in to one of the USB 3.0 ports on the left side of the keyboard, installed the software that is built into the dongle, rebooted and was then able to extend my laptop to two other external displays. Eureka!! I have been working with it for several hours now and so far, so good! If some new issue arises I will report back. For those looking for a solution like this, there are dozens of similar devices in the $30-$80+ range on Amazon. Some may be better than the one i got for $15 but this one seems to do what I want with little effort. Search for “USB to HDMI Adapter NOBVEQ”. Gotta get back to work… got an email… new Teams message… my report finished processing… oooohh, look at that new Bing wallpaper… tracking the hurricane…

Hey, this is nice to hear. But only possible because of additional software and hardware. One quesiton, is it fluid watching videos on the screen connected on the usb-hdmi adapter?

You are correct. There is no plug-and-play option for multiple monitors but for $15 this was an inexpensive upgrade. I did test the display through the adapter by viewing a 4K video stream from YT and it was quite impressive, at least for my eyes. It’s not likely to be the best for gaming but more than adequate for business and watching movies. EDIT… I have been using this for two weeks now and the only issue I have had is with the mouse cursor on my third monitor (not the one that is connected through the adapter). The mouse pointer became corrupted and started looking like a square instead of a pointer.
After some searching, I enabled “mouse trails” in my mouse settings and shortened the trail to the minimum. I barely notice them and it solved the problem.