Connecting to Projector or External Monitor


I would very much appreciate anyone’s assistance in resolving the following issue: I have a Corebook Pro laptop and I need to connect it to a VGA projector - also from time to time to VGA or HDMI external monitors.

This laptop has only one USB and one USB-C port so I tried using relevant adaptors. Neither USB or USB-C adaptors (for VGA or HDMI connections) have worked and, as I am a University professor my hands are tied as far as for my courses are concerned.

The laptop does not have any other ports - is it possible that I cannot project anything from this laptop?

Thanks in advance,


Hi George, you need a Type-C USB hub, that solves the problem. Works perfectly with Corebook X. Try this (or sg similar): Bakeey 12-in-1 Type-C USB HUB

Hi, Stag!. Thanks a lot for your reply.
I tried hubs both for the USB and the USB-C ports. They work for sticks, external drives etc but not for monitors and projectors.
I do not get it and I cannot explain it, but signal cannot get through…

In short, your possible solutions are:

  1. Direct link with Type-C-to-HDMI cable
  2. Simple Type-C HUB (3-in-1 ) with HDMI port
  3. Multi-port Type-C HUB (12-in-1) with DP/HDMI/VGA port
  4. HDMI switch
  5. Projector that supports Wi-Fi connections

The first/latter are the simplest, but each of them should work seamlessly through your Type-C port. Don’t forget to press Windows logo key + P and select a presentation display mode.

The photos below show examples of solutions 1-3 for connecting a Corebook X notebook and an HDMI monitor. Both solutions work.

If none of them works for you, worth visiting a computer repair shop nearby (like this one), they can help you meet your computer needs.

Dear Stag,
thank you very much for your time, the photos and the details. I will try one of these, but I doubt it is a matter of hardware. I am starting to believe a repair shop might be in order (although I am not in the States in order to use your suggestion!).
Thanks a lot again!