USB-C de Chuwi UBook N4120

Tengo una Chuwi UBook con procesador N4120. Compre un dock de amazon para la salida usb-c con extensiones de usb, salida de video y hdmi, pero no logro hacer que funcione, es como si la salida usb-c de mi equipo estuviera desactivada.
¿Puede estar desactivada por BIOS? ¿Hay alguna forma de activarla en la BIOS?

Hello JonyRico,

Could you share which is the Dock you purchased? Some models required Power Delivery, due to the many connections(USB, HDMI, etc) and only work if device has power delivery to provide enough power for dock or with external power supply.

Try to see in BIOS anything related to Power Delivery and if this is activated.

According to Chuwi Webiste, USB-C should support:

USB-C(Only for data, 5GBps), Micro-HDMI(1.4), USB3.0, USB2.0, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Micro SD Card Reader.

On my Corebook X, which has Power Delivery, I already had issue in the past with some Dock models because they required external power supply over USB-C to work.


Hello coyotefert

The Dock I buyed was the “amazon basics 11-in-1 Aluminium Type-C Docking Station”. I see the specifications at the back of the devide and I can read:
Input: 20V 5A, 1000W Max.

But I went into the BIOS and I saw that USB-C was disabled and I couldn’t enable it.


Information you gave is about input, so for charging it. About BIOS, I do not have a similar Chuwi device to check and maybe some other topic in forum may help on how to activate if possible.

Based on my experience, USB-C has not enough power to supply to Dock 11 in 1. I would recommend to connect the dock to the Chuwi Device and connect USB-C charger to the USB-C Dock Station (They usually have one USB-C dock dedicated for connecting the charger). In theory with the dock receiving power supply, it should work, unless Dock can only work under Thunderbolt.