Chuwi Corebook X How to enable USB C Support

How to activate Type C
Step 1: Start your Chuwi Laptop.
Step 2: Press ESC.
Step 3: Go to the Chipset Tab.
Step 4: Choose TYPE C SUPPORT and enable it.
Step 5: Save changes and restart the Laptop.
Step 6: Enjoy your new USB-C Feature.
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After activating - keyboard stop work. In Windows can enter 1 symbol in 5 seconds.

Does it support USB-C charging after activating it? @CanMK

No sorry, the CoreBook doesnt support USB C Charging @Petey

Already tried. After enabling it, keyboard will become sluggish and write 1 char every 5 seconds. Unusable.

I have the same issue… @chuwipower / @Management needs to update the bios but they dont…

Hey try at least 40W PD2.0 certified charger (stated on Amazon). I have bought 65W one for like 8 bucks in sale and it works like a charm. Charging and display through USB-C hub.

AC adapter of CoreBook X is

19V/3.42A adapter,PSE, CE, UL, FCC certified

(from OVERVIEW in CoreBook X 14 inch Intel Core i5 2K 16GB+256GB | Chuwi – CHUWI STORE )

That is, USB PD seems to be required to supply 20V. USB PD charger which can supply 20V is >= 45W at least. All PD chargers >= 60W can supply 20V/3A-5A. Be careful that connectors on both USB sockets are type-C. As a result, PD 3.0 compatible >= 60W charger seems to be usable.

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