AeroBook Plus 15.6" USB boot issue

I am trying to install OSX on the new Chuwi AeroBook Plus, However I am not able to see the USB Sticks in both USB 3 ports when attempting to launch the boot menu (F7). The BIOS setup does show the USB sticks when I enter BIOS setup screen.

The Boot menu only shows Windows Manager. Is it because the BIOS only recognizes UEFI 32 bit?


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For Linux (64 bits), it recognizes the USB (fat32 formatted), but it did not load the kernel, so far, no way to install Linux.

Same here, can’t boot into Linux, I tried out 5 Distros of them, and all variations of linux bios setting recommendations.

I tried 3 distros Debian arch and EndeavourOs
in the middle of boot it simply poweroff completely :cold_face:

Thanks to the Chuwi Service! They send me an update for the so called Embedded Controler EC (bios side thingy idk). Afterwards Linux was able to Start (I first tried Mint). Here’s the link, or you go shure and contact the service CHEERS