Aerobook Plus I5, 16GB Memory , Linux Installation fails

I have an Aerobook i5, 16GB memory version. And apart from the fact that the fan is behaving erratically, the WiFi reception is very poor, the laptop does work oke with Windows 10.

I tried to install different Linux Distros ( Linux Mint, Deepin, Manjaro,… ) , i am unable to even install any kind of Linux.

I had a response a few weeks ago from Chuwi support telling me that i needed to flash the EC with another version they sended me : “EC-Linux Installation Aerobook Plus 8G.rar”. Simply extract it, format a USB stick with FAT32 and name it WINPE, copy files to the stick and boot the laptop while holding F7

Everything oke but then it starts a Flash installation utility and doesnt do anything

My guess is thats for the 8GBMemory verion not for the 16GB. Or that an installation file is missing or wrong

Tried since then recontacting support, but nothing anymoore , it seems that support is dead

Can anyone else help me please?

Is there no one who can help? Who has the same issue like me on an I5, 16GB mem version?

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I think my aerobook plus is a 16MB version. I installed the patch and it did allow me to boot from and install Linux MINT v20. Cinnamon had no trackpad support and xcfe had trackpad support. Now windows is gone for good. See below for boot USB creation methods.

Here’s what I did:

  1. format an 8GB memory stick (I actually used a microSD in a USB A adaptor)
  2. unpacked the RAR file and copied all of the contents to the memory stick
  3. reboot/start the aerobook and hold down the F7 button
  4. select the boot from the memory stick (it’ll have UEFI: followed by the product name)
  5. there’ll be a lot of stuff scrolling up. You’ll be asked to hit escape to NOT run the patch. Don’t do that, press enter to run or just wait for it to start automatically.
  6. watch while the ITE Flash utility updates your firmware.
  7. when it’s done (Update EC Rom sucessfully!) you’ll also have a command prompt (fs1:>)
  8. remove the patch memory stick and insert your linux boot rom
  9. type reset and your install should work (hitting F7 if you still have your windows image on the hard disk).

Creating the USB boot

I’ve done this on a lapbookPro before (without the patch) and that’s why I can build boot USB memory sticks with Ventoy -

If all you have is the original OS, then use this guide to create the Linux Mint USB boot disk -

For both boot disk creation methods you will need to download the latest .ISO file for Linux Mint.

I can re-install a new OS thanks to using Ventoy. Keep that boot USB memory stick and just add new installs to try out.

Any problems, just ask.

Hi elves and thank you for your update. I had a second ssd installed. That was the reason i couldnt flash. After removing second SSD , i flashed the EC and reinstalled the second ssd.
Now i can install ubuntu and linix mint 20 cinnamon. No issues whatsoever, even with trackpad support, normal fan etc. Maybe just try again?

Regarding your windows, the licence key is in the bios. So you can reinstall Windows HOME edition and it will work again. Chuwi send me all the important drivers and even the windows Home Edition,i can share if you want

But i cant install Deepin 20 and thats the one i need. I can boot from USB, choose Deepin 20 or Deepin 20 Safe mode, then i get a second screen with the beautifull background and after some minutes black screen and nothing aymore

Do you have ideas? Does deepin 20 work at yours?