Aerobook Plus 15,4 Keyboard driver needed Windows 10

days ago i got Aerobook plus
of course i needed to install own windows 10,
but i missed to look what drivers they used
because i thought i have download section like any other manufacturer has
like Acer, Lenovo, HP, and so on
but chuwi does have a forum - - AHA

ok i have looked in the package where some cds or some old drivers are contained normally
nothing found.

now it would be useful when i could use the device for my needs and have working set of drivers whatever needed there.

best regards

Hi, I don’t know why so many have problem with drivers , I am on chuwiUbookPro and when it arrived , I just first updated with windows normal , and after I installed all MY own programs and I use Iobit driver booster which I use on my other Asus laptop too a long time at satisfaction …all drivers take the eventual update (Iobit = Chinese ,… so I guess they are buddy’s to each other :wink:

Only thing I have is that when something changed software or driverwise , blue Microsoft screen appear sometimes , in beginning I let I t do his thing , but only until Bios screen " can not read image " ….

But now I just click away choices until I reach "start Win 10 ",…….and then the "lazy booter "just boots normal !...I get impression Chuwi bios need attention for all Chuwi as I see regular complaints .

No other complaints on my ChuwiUbook pro 8gb ,M3

I am interested for the Aerobook Plus , but not buying as only 4gb and NO FINGERPRINT READER , in that price category is a NO GO for me

Hello David, in the meantime i could successfully install Windows 10 on Aerobook plus.
by the way the special thing on this device is:
it has 8GB RAM instead of 4 as you write
and it is one of the few devices in this price class which has a 4K Display with 3840 x 2160 pixels
and compared to the full hd displays in this price class it is Milestone

The funny thing: if you read comparisons of this device with other brands like dell, asus and so on:
they can only compare with other 4K notebooks and others cost around 1500 - 2000$
have same amount of RAM and of course more SSD like 512 GB or more and a better CPU.

Formerly i had MS Surface Book 2 but i lost this device due to Screen crack (it fell down)

what i can say. the price was 1400 USD, with 8GB 256GB, 13,5 instead of 15" and 3000x2000

the display is brighter and the quality of Keyboard is better.

But what i like on the Chuwi device is:
It loads very fast with the usb -c Charger 60W
the display is bigger and the resolution is higher, the brightness is enough for me , better for the eyes if you dont put the brightness so high.
they keyboard is backlit too
the blower is most of the time off and very low noise, surface had none

the best thing is: if it falls down then i have to spend anohter 500 USD only and the device is much better when it comes to exchange ssds this is not possible with surface, in aerobook you have 1 main m2 nmve and 1 spare with extra little cover.

the sound is not so good as MS Surface but i could help a little by adjusting Equalizer in Realtek sound driver.

For me: Fingerprint is not neccessary because Surface had none too

Anyway, im a little bit disappointed, because the “driver download section” especially when you want to upgrade some bios or efi is missing:

you have to write a forum entry and hope you get some answer. thats very bad.

and as i got it, the blower scratched on the housing very loud

i complained about that to chuw, and they told me to send it back to china, another 2 months of waiting perhaps

i decided to open the device my self and probably to loose warranty by cracking one security label on the screws.

but the work was worth it because i was easy to open and i cold put 3 labels 1mm thick where the distance between blower and housing is a little higher now and the noise is gone.

now everything works good.

And im looking forward for 1-2 Years because when battery is becoming bad: then i can easily replace it with a new one,
with MS Surface which is glued mainly it is not possible.
You have an expensive device that only can be replaced by new one.

i twice had following problem:
there was a hardware problem , but my screen edge was broken

anyway i sent it to MS and they told me in 2 cases: we cannot repair or replace the Error because your screen is broken,
and f we for example repair the battery problem, you would get a new device with working screen … haha because it is glued,

that was the reason for me not to buy a such expensive device anymore and try to go with chuwi this time
we will see in 1-2 years if it was worth.
i will report.
regards Markus

hi, short one , I recommend iobit driver booster as that program choose by his self what you need updating it updated several drivers already , as I am a user not an expert in those, but finding always my way anyway .
Don’t let Chuwi fool u too much with blue screens as mostly not needed todo deep repair mostly now I just order it to just start Win 10 normal ….,and Chuwi does it

I am using the Microsoft clone Chuwi Ubook Pro M processor , I does what I need costed me 505$ usd. AliExpress , no costoms to pay (Thailand)

Good luck ….put a cord around it & and your neck against dropping …. :roll_eyes: