Deepin 20 Install fails

Hi, i got an I5/16GB laptop. I received the EC Linux flash tool and flashed the system ( after removing the second SSD as this was causing errors to flash)
I could install Ubunto 20 and linuxmint
Unfortunatly we must use Deepin 20 and this fails to install
When booting up from USB disk i can choose to install Deepin 20 normal or safe graphics. Whatever i choose, it brings me to a second screen with a nice wallpaper and after a while a black screen and nothing happens anymoore. I left it for hours but nothing

Anybody got any ideas?

You have to update your Embedded Controler EC, dunno what the fk it is, but I could install Deepin and other Distros afterwards.

Hi and thanx for replying. I finally could update this EC. I had a second SSD installed and it failed to flash. Once i removed the second SSD it worked. I can now install Ubuntu and Linux Mint but no deepin.

Another difference after flashing this , is that the fan starts to work normally