[Chuwi Hi10 GO] and Linux

I just finished testing my new Hi10 Go with N5100. I managed to get most of it working.

The best results have been installing Mobian onto the emmc. Autoration works great, the system is super snappy.

Still no audio from speakers but I did manage to get audio from HDMI.

Cameras work fine, the image is inverted. I havent dug much into this but I am sure is an easy fix.

as Logoo said, kernel 5.18 is out and should support the audio card. I haven’t test it yet. I am not sure how to install it on Debian if anyone knows.

Overall Mobian is the winner, it requires a bit of tweaking but is nice.

On Ubuntu Xorg autorotate works but is inverted. Wayland does not have support for autorotate.


Did you have to do anything extra to make it work?

Hey. I have the 5.18 kernel on arch, but I still have no sound (seems the soundcard is not detected). Did you have to do some magic?

I am having the same result

Sorry posted in the other thread by mistake. For completion purpose:

I use the newest EndeavourOS (kernel 5.18) with Gnome as desktop environment which uses wayland. Display rotation works as soon as you install iio-sensor-proxy, it also works only without a keyboard connected but i’m sure this could be changed somehow.
For sound I only went into alsamixer switched soundcard with F6 to sof-essx8336 and pulled all sliders up and unmute everything. Haven’t tested which slider actually affected the sound.

Only thing currently not working for me is to suspend but haven’t looked into this so far.


It works!

Thanks. I now have Manjaro-Phosh running on the tablet and it feels great.

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just noticed with a minimal installation you may need to install sof-firmware for the sound to work


Buongiorno, ho acquistato Chuwi HI10 Go con intel N5100, ho provato le seguenti distro: Fedora 36 Gnome (sia con kernel 5.17 che 5.18) funziona anche la rotazione automatica, non funziona l audio e poi il touchscreen funziona al contrario.
ho provato inoltre Clear linux stesso problema
Hello, I bought Chuwi HI10 Go with intel N5100, I tried the following distros: Fedora 36 Gnome (both with 5.17 and 5.18 kernels) automatic rotation also works, audio does not work and then the touchscreen works in reverse.
i also tried clear linux same problem

You need to use Manjaro/Arch

Is the microphone working for you?

just checked. there is a mic if you switch in pavucontrol the configuration to Pro Audio but it is really quiet for me so there are sure still some issues with the sound.

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Ah! The sof-firmware! It did the trick! At some point I heard some sound but it was very low (even if all possible sliders were up) and since a reboot, everything looks ok software wise, but there no sound at all comimg out of the speaker :frowning:

Do you think it’s possible to make sound, touchscreen, and screenrotation work, by installing the linux subsystem on chromium os (or Fyde OS) ?