[Chuwi Hi10 GO] and Linux

You could also try installing the new 5.19 kernel from here, and test if audio and suspension works

I updated the kernel to 5.19, but the sound did not appear

I found interesting text about sound fix

So, does it work? :blush:
Sadly i don’t have this tablet, i do wonder if Fedora works out of the box with sound and everything. Usually Fedora is quite seamless.
Suspend is very important too.

people have already written an answer to your question

Chuwi Hi10Go with N5100.
Manjaro with kernel 5.15 - works everything except auto-rotation (even with iio-sesnor-proxy) and sound.
OpenSuse tumbleweed with kernel 5.17 same.
Fedora 36 with kernel 5.17 works flawlessly even with auto rotate, but without sound!"

I am currently looking for a solution for the second day in a row. Tried many lines of code. So far, no result. so I decided to throw off a screenshot as the driver is at least called in windows. As soon as I find a solution with sound, I will write here

What about Bluetooth headphones, does it work now?

Thank you so much! You are awesome :blush:

Hi everybody. At the moment I was able to solve half of the problem.
Previously, there was a value in the sound settings: "Dummy Output "
I found the first solution to my problem:
Open terminal:
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

than type this code

options snd_hda_codec_hdmi index=0
options snd_hda_intel index=1
options snd_hda_intel model=generic

Reboot system

Then it appeared in the settings already

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Does audio work correctly with this fix?

Hello, How were you able to put mobian usb flash drives into the internal memory of the device?
There is no installer

Bluetooth headphones, works!

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Hello again :))

How much did I understand from different sources that we have an audio chip from this company:


I wrote them an email. I am waiting for a response from them.

I spent several days searching for an audio solution. perhaps here you will find your own solution:

You need to boot Ubuntu from a liveUSB and install mobian using bmap-tool


For those who want sound working on Debian

On manjaro you need linux518 or 519

unfortunately I can’t install debian 11. First I downloaded the image from the official website. Due to wi-fi divers could not install. Then I downloaded the version with drivers. It started but the sound was not determined. The OC update has appeared. and now it can’t even start.

downloaded the folder and installed it. But the sound unfortunately did not appear like that. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? will you help ?

Great News :))

Install Manjaro kde plasma 5.24 . Kernel: 5.15.

the sound works through the adapter connector type C - 3.5 jack.

Install kernel 5.19 on Manjaro and the speakers will work

sudo pacman -S linux519

If you cant find 519 try 518

You need to install the custom kernel from the link below your post.