Chuwi hi10 x pros/cons and question

Well not so long ago I happened to get my hands on Chuwi Hi10 X. First thing I started doing is play around with os and different programs. Overhaul it’s - OK otg device.
*Nice build quality
*Good battery
Its usable.

*lack of support
*horribly made web page (yes the chuwi com) its made just to frustrate people and lose all hope to find some supporting info about your device. To find page that is dedicated to your device via model №. You are telling people - leave device driver updates to us! And aren’t updating them for couple years
*keyboard… well keyboard it self is fine, but the touch pad… kill it with fire. You are expecting to get simple touch pad with 4 functions (scroll, right click, left click, move cursor) but you are getting touch pad with 6+ functions that keep annoying you. You don’t intend to use them, but they just keep messing with ya! Everything would be fine if you could disable those functions, remap them - but you cant! (at least without 3rd party programs that take time to setup and sometimes they still aren’t able to handle this touch pads behavior)
*you can change os, but it will not work as it should… Intel SST is the biggest pain. Why there is still no fix for driver issues on linux? Yes I know “it’s intended for use with windows” but lets be real, linux can run even on potato pc and work fantastically!!
I managed to find some distros that work fine (like manjaro), even was able to get android x86 on it (only kernel 419 will work k419). But all of them had one issue - no support for Intel SST sound card, so basically no sound from built in speakers, audio jack, didnt test HD out but still it’s really bad…

My question for you is. So when You guys gonna fix it? No offense, huge respect, but if you not gonna do anything to fix issues like web-page user friendliness, driver support, driver update, adding support… and etc. Few reviews like this and people will avoid to choose your products to avoid the headache.

Best regards.