directx problems! Help

hi all guys, sorry for my english because i’m italian, yesterday i bought the aforementioned device with windows 11 installed without android, and i’m having problems with directx, i want to try to format it from scratch but it’s not like a classic desktop pc Is there any particular procedure if it can be done or can’t I change the Windows system installed above? thanks friends

The CHUWI should come with Windows 10 out of the box, it might be a driver issue as it isnt supposed to have Windows 11, I’ll recommend you trying to update all drivers using this Intel Program called Intel DSA
I hope I helped!

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I got mine I guess January 2023 it also comes with Windows 11

From my personal experience everything seems to work on windows but it is extremely slow it would be better most things didn’t work :slight_smile:

Yes you can format the hd and reinstall but be careful and backup, do a full backup of the machine as it is, after that feel free to delete windows.

Depending on the exact model hardware you are running, you may be much better changing from Windows to Linux or Chrome os

For example on windows I get too much stuttering to use with steam link, the geforcenow app simply does not work but we can launch it from Chrome, once again it will be incredibly slow. Hd videos on YouTube kinda run not the fastest experience but it works.

If you want a much better experience go to nix or Chrome, but be ready to search a lot how to fix things, some versions from hi 10x simply will not detecte the sound card on non Windows system. I had some luck with Fedora but with recent updates even there the sound stopped working.
Still we can use Bluetooth speaker and the difference in speed is amazing, basically with Linux I can use it just as I would use any other semi recent device. Geforcenow runs smoothly, steam runs smoothly, Chrome, YouTube Netflix office etc super good

As it stands now I could find no use for this tablet running windows due to the speed, so iam just using Linux there to work even without sound

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perfect thanks all clear,

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