Chuwi Gemibook Drivers

Hello everyone,

I recently bought the newest version of Chuwi Gemibook 13" (Intel Celeron J4125) which looks awesome for the price. I installed a fresh Windows 10 image from the official Microsoft website because out of the box there was some problems with the pre-installed Windows image. For example, the trackpad was laggy, the perfomance was slower than expected etc.

After i fresh installed Windows 10 via a USB Drive all the problems i mentioned above were gone but Windows update cannot find the driver for the sound! So now my computer has no sound at all… So please @Chuwi @management can you send me the drivers for this laptop? I send multiple emails to but no answer unfortunately.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the driver for the sound still is not working.

If your device id is not FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_1C6C1233 and not FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_280D&SUBSYS_80860101, then these drivers will not work for you and you have to wait for an answer from support. If the id is the same, then most likely you need to install the chipset driver first, but which one I do not know.

Also try these drivers backups - Google Drive

First of all thank you for your replies, you are the only one that actually care for my problem. I send multiple emails to Chuwi and there is only one respond and they were asking many things like IMEI, some photos/videos of the problem and there is no reply after that after many days…

Do you know where i should check for the device id? After your second reply with the new drivers i manage to add them but the only change was from “Multimedia Audio controller” to audio devices but still no sound…

Device Manager → Sound, video and game controllers → right click on audio device → properties → details → on the “Property” line choose “hardware Ids”. Also you can google drivers by this ID.

Aren’t you covered by their guarantee ? Or have you to ship it back to China. I have the same problem with a touchscreen with missing drivers. 3 months old but am second user so unable to claim off warranty. Am advised that it is a Win10 issue but reinstalling windows made no difference. At least I can use a mouse. May be best to simply Ebay it and advise buyers they may be able to solve the issue.

Finally Chuwi replied me and send me a 9GB Windows iso which fixes my driver problems but I am pretty sure that the performance is slower than with a clean install of Windows 10 official iso.

It’s good that the problem with the drivers was resolved.
If you were given a link to mediafire could you share it? It may be possible to find out which driver is responsible for the sound.
You can also make a complete copy of the drivers using Double driver, with this copy you can try to install the drivers on the windows image from Microsoft.

Very nice idea. I will try that today and I will let you know.

Here are the link with the files that Chuwi send me.

I found 3 drivers for audio, all of them are from Everest Semiconductor. This is why the drivers from the previous posts won’t work.

And I’m not sure if they will work without specific chipset \ ACPI drivers.

Hello. here I share the drivers of the GemiBook Celeron J4115 / 12GB Ram / 256GB SSD. first install windows and all updates and then the drivers from the device manager. it worked perfectly for me.

Hello Waldo,
Im Diego from Argentina. I have the same problem that Alex_the_king about sound driver. I just downloaded the file you share but I do not know exactly which I need to install. Can you help me?

hola. soy de chile. tuve el mismo problema con los drivers de sonido luego de haber reinstalado windows.

acá el enlace. instalas Windows, luego TODAS las actualizaciones

y después, les das la ruta a esta carpeta desde el administrador de dispositivos.

ojalá te sirva. a mí me sirvió perfecto

esta es la explicación.

Respaldar los Drivers de tu computador SIN PROGRAMAS - YouTube

Muchísimas gracias Waldo. Voy a intentarlo con la información que me enviaste. Te escribo pronto.

Ahi recupere el audio. Lo pero solo en un parlante (el izquierdo). ¿Ahí tendrás otra sugerencia?
Gracias nuevamente!!!

Dale. Recuerda que primero tienes que descargar todas las actualizaciones de Windows update, incluídas las opcionales de controladores

Una vez hecho esto, sigues el procedimiento de ése vídeo que compartí

Tienes que darle la ruta a ésa carpeta desde cada dispositivo que aparezca sin su controlador

Hasta que ya no aparezca ninguno sin su driver

Perfecto. Sigo entonces instalando. Gracias