CHUWI GEMIBOOK PRO - Sound problem after windows fresh install

hello, I reinstalled windows myself, it is first time having chuwi. before that I just had to install all the drivers and all worked fine, but in this case everything works except the sound, I tried all sound drivers but nothing worked, please help

I have the same issue. No sound card is getting detected.

I am getting this issue on device manager.

I resolved the sound. I own a Gemibook not the pro (I’m pretty sure the only difference is the screen on the pro is nicer). A fellow member of the forum has posted all of his drivers including the sound drivers. I updated the sound drivers using aforementioned the files and now the sound works perfectly including the microphone.

Thanks for your response man. I have downloaded it, but I cant find out how to install it, can you tell me?

oh, and I also as i see its for amd not for intel, but I will find for intel too, can you explain how to find and install these types of audio drivers? its not seem to be ordinary setups