(Solved)Gemibook Pro N5100 8G 256GG sound works again! + original installed driver photos

I just made a new topic so you dont need to read all the struggle. Finally it works, But no fresh windows install this time. IF you do it again, then you have no sound again i guess!
so here it is:
Thank you all for your answers my friend! i managed to recover everything! non of this worked. the solution was a users tipp Michelle big thanx to you!!
so just follow the instuctions. and download the iso part files from mediafire from this thread → Original System

what i did:

  1. Download every part of the files from mediafire
  2. Format a flash disk in ntfs and name it WINPE(i had a 16GB one
  3. Open 20210713_V6.0_Beta.part1 with winrar and extract to the flashdrive main directory like D:/
  4. Leave it like it is!! really important. dont copy anything else anywhere. dont copy the language files in boot. just leave it like it is after extraction is done!! with copying files i got an error.
  5. If its not already then plug the flashdrive in the Chuwi Gemibook Pro and restart it. at the Chuwi logo press F7 until you get to choose boot device.
  6. Choose the flashdrive and let it install the system, the whole thing happens in a dos prompt window just leave it finish, after a few minutes like 15-20 it says. write exit to restart.
  7. after reboot you get the fresh windows with all kinds of system files on the desktop you only need to look in the middle System Preparation Tool 1.3
    There are the options:
    System Cleanup Action
    [Enter System Out-of-Box Experience]
    Shutdown Options:
  8. after that you get your Chuwi Gemibook Pro back like it was in the first time. Sound and every driver already installed.!!!
    Thank you again Michelle you saved the day!
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these are the current installed drivers after restoring the original windows

and these are the installed components and driver versions. funny but i installed these and still got no working solution after new windows 10, it only worked with that factory windows install.