Gemibook Pro Intel Original system

!!!Fix for everything incl. No Audio Driver!!!
!Original Gemibook Pro Windows Software!

I got a big problem but after all they send me the original Software for the Chuwi Gemibook Pro Intel Celeron N5100 (GeBookPY256G21070097)
Mine is the 8GB Ram with 256GB Storage

Here is the link for their windows Version:

I use a microSd 16GB but u can use a USB Stick too:
-Flash the MicroSd or USB to NTFS and name it WINPE
-Download every .rar alone (together they will get damage)
-Unpack them to the main Directory of your Flashed MicroSd or USB
-now are the language Folders in the main Directory too, put them all into the boot folder. Now u got the folders:
boot,scripts,and two boot files in the main Directory.

  • You are ready to start!
    Shut down or restart your Gemibook and right after it starts u hold F7 untill the boot functions Shown up :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Go on the Device wehre u got the new files on.
    -Press Enter and just wait it doesnt looks like a windows Installation. After a while (maybe 30min) it says: Type EXIT to exit or restart. (Wohoooo)
    -It boot’s up in a Test Version (test to try if everything boots normaly)
  • a little box is in the middle of the Display its called - System Preparation Tool 1.3-
    There are the options:
    System Cleanup Action
    [Enter System Out-of-Box Experience]

Shutdown Options:

-Change nothing, you only need to press
[ OK ]

-Done :heart:

I know how frustrating it is to git no audio Driver nithing helped but niw everything works fine.
Have a nice day :heart:

Audio Driver is Back In the House :heart_eyes:

Also i wouldnt try to update alot. Security functions yes ok but i think a upgrade to Win11 could delete the driver again i dont know maybe someone trys it :slight_smile: let me know then please :slight_smile:

Can you tell me in more detail how to unpack the files that Chuwi sent me
I’ll be very thankful

Google “Winrar” or “Unrar” and you will find a free version to unpack the files. Just open the firt in the soft. Good luck !