Gemibook Pro: Drivers and BIOS

hello, good afternoon, could someone provide me the drivers and BIOS for the Chuwi GEMIBOOK PRO. I would thank you a lot


I reinstalled Windows on my Gemibook Pro and would love to get drivers also. Didn’t think that with Windows update I couldn’t get all of them downloaded.


I bought a Gemibook Pro 14’’, and would like to have access to a full library of drivers (BIOS, Sound, Network, Display, etc) for windows 10.

If i mak a fresh Windows 10 Install, where can find thos drivers?


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Please @Management, we need the official thread with the Windows rom and drivers.

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For the drivers

Install the assistant and let it scan your gemibook. It will update everything and it keep it up to date.

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This only downloads the wifi, bluetooth, and video drivers. It doesn’t install any of a dozen other drivers:


yeah… we need to update the bios , because some of the hardware is not yet installed or it is not compatible to windows 10 64bit version…

also the Intel Chipset is updated…
Did you run automatically the update or manually?

It is working with Windows 10 without problems… what is your issue?

Automatic. Then went back and ran manually to confirm that those drivers aren’t installed by it, so found a thread here where someone uploaded their Gemibook drivers and used that.