Windows 10 Pro On Gemibook?

Has anyone tried installing Windows 10 Pro on their Gemibook? If so, how did it go?

As long as you have all the drivers available to reinstall, it should work just fine. I put them on a USB SSD and had tested this, and it worked just fine. Just be aware you need to have a Pro license as the GemiBook only is licensed for home.

Thanks for the reply. If the drivers are on a USB drive, will WIndows find them and install them automatically? Or will I have to install them manually?

You will probably need to install them (or at least the first) manually. If you install from device manager and select the “search subfolders” or such checkbox and then just choose the root folder where all your drivers are, it should autosearch there with all remaining drivers when you go to update. I never do the actual .exe installers for drivers, got into the habit install Dells to avoid all the extra garbage their installers add beyond the drivers.

Yo lo instalé en mi Gemibook Pro nada más recibirlo y, excepto dos controladores, lo demás lo hizo todo en el proceso de instalación. Y compré para ello.

Hello. I installed Windows 10 Home with no problems at all. As a matter of fact, I was able to download and install Windows 11 Home with no problems at all. Good luck.

There is no problem to install windows 10 pro. it works for me fine.