hi13 format

i format hi13 tablet via usb cdrom. i used windows 10. i have 2 problems:

  1. screen rotation
  2. touch screen

i never succeed for screen rotation.

i install goodix touch panel driver, there is touch screen but after a few reboot it is disappear. i dont know why?

please help me

In the device manager, find the goodix driver. Right button, click on properties / energy management / uncheck the box. (the system can turn off the device to save power.)) After You need download for goodix TP a tauchsettings.gt file link: https://techtablets.com/downloads-drivers-roms/#
Extract the TouchSetting.gt file and copy to C: / Windows/ INF and reboot
Regards, Attila

2. Screen rotation: Try install another bosch accelerometer driver. Eg. Download From double driver backup Chuwi Hi13 drivers from link.

thanks for your help. i solved screen rotation. but i lost touch screen completely… i tried lots of driver and your teouchsettings.gt, never succeded.

I fixed the morroing touch screen issue talking to aftersale@chuwi.com

What I did was:

  1. Remove any Goodix Driver. Then install this one:
  2. Reading the tutorial Chuwi sent me
  3. Download the Goodix Driver Chuwi send me and installing following their procedure:

Enjoy your now fixed screen!

Thanks @marcosigles - that worked for me. I had to repeat a couple of times.
Specifically in device manager first uninstall the device (choosing the checkbox to delete drivers), then scan for hardware changes then steps 1, 2 and 3 in your list. Just expanding on “Remove any Goodix Driver”
Thanks again,

i tried everytginh on this thread but never success. maybe i need an bios upgrade, i cant remember exactly, maybe i tried to bios update. there is no touch screen still. i fixed screen rotation only.

i examined 12-TP.rar file. It tries to install driver for ACPI\GDIX1001 but i have ACPI\GDIX1002. anyone have ACPI\GDIX1002 too??

how can i test any hardware failure about touch screen?


Ubook have ACPI\GDIX1002 version, you can take them drivers

i tried Ubook ACPI\GDIX1002 drivers too. no success thank you for your effort.
i now seriously suspect hardware failure.

i changed digitizer. now my hi13 working now but there is a strange behavior. when powerd on there is no touch. then i restarted windows, there is touch. then if i power off and on again no touch again. then restart, there is touch again.
i disabled driver enforcement too. there is no success.
can anyone help to me about this.
i use windows 10 ltsc. i have ACPI\GDIX1002 but there is no working driver. so i use 12-TP.rar