After Hi13 reinstall, screen upside down and missing driver


My Hi13 tablet would not boot anymore. I reinstalled it from scratch using the latest ISO from Microsoft.

After initial installation, there was a lot of drivers missing in the device manager. I read the other threads on the forum, downloaded several driver packages and try to install device one by one. I have three issues left:

#1 - Only one driver is missing for device path ROOT\SENSOR\0000.
#2 - In tablet mode, the rotation is detected but the screen is always upside down.
#3 - The touch screen is not working correctly: pressure is detected, but mouse cursor is moving perpendicularly to the movement I do on the screen.

At one point the rotation was not detected, but this was fixed by installing another driver for the Bosch sensor. I am not sure how the three issues are related.

Any help?


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