Complete Driver Pack - Hi10X

Here is a Complete Driver Pack for the Hi10x Tablet ( Windows 10 Drivers ). its created with Driver Genius Backup feature. It is an exe file, simply run it and click through the options ( next next next … allow, next etc etc ). It will install all the drivers, I backed up every single driver on the device to this pack, ALL of them…

I have personally tested this on a standard windows 10 that i installed on the tablet, then i used this driver pack and it installed all hardware, including touch screen and auto rotate, everything works. You can use it on any windows 10 edition.

You are welcome…

Download link :

Mega Mirror :

MediaFire Mirror :

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Its a big driver pack, it takes around 20+ minutes to install, so once you run it just sit back and let it do its thing…

Thank you very much! Will this pack work also with the last windows version? Not the chuwi version of this topic: [Hi10 X] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 X Driver, Windows Tutorial Download but the one that you can download from Microsoft site.

yes, it works on any windows 10 build. its an independent driver pack, its not for a specific build, it will work on all windows 10 versions.

Ok! I will install the last Windows 10 version, il will update everything using Windows Update, after that I will install the drivers that you have shared.

I will let you known if it works. Thanks!

as i said in my reply, its a massively compressed file. so when you first run it to open it it takes a while, just sit back and wait… once opened just click through the prompts … next next next next … there is one spot where it asks you to allow driver install for one of the drivers, that is standard… say yes and next next next … and when its done reboot and then all should work.

Ok, done. Everything works except for the touchscreen. Can I ask you what are your touchscreen settings in the BIOS, in:
Chipset -> South Cluster Conf. -> Misc. Conf. ???
My settings are:

ola, sera que não ha PACOTE DE DRIVE COMPLETO para o Hi13 CW1534 Q64G45170300626 ?

Chuwi Hi13 driver:

thanks a lot, best regards