Hi10x Windows 11 + Driver Pack

Relax man, I’m not complaining, I am just telling what I’m experiencing. Peace out!

They just sent out a big update for windows 11, im sure in time they will fix all the bugs and issues. the current issues are really minor…


Thanks for your hard work. Install instructions were very clear.

I’m on 22000.71 now and have only one issue in device manager PCI Simple Communications Controller.

Exactly. Easier than creating the ISO with the drivers

Not met this problem. However, when this happened to me with a remote desktop, for example, I invoke the on screen keyboard from accesibility

Hey everybody,
Thank you raymerjacque, great work there m8.
upgrading from windows 10 to 11 i end up using 60GB.
installing windows 11 using your way i end up with 28 GB.
all the drivers are perfect for my device, Device manager looks pretty clean:

only the PCI simple Communications Controller is not recognized.
one small problem tho is that power and volume keys didn’t work and the tablet doesn’t go to sleep when i close the lid (maybe it is the PCI Driver??), Any help would be nice :slight_smile:
thank you again^

BTW my tablet is the Q128G20012163
i believe the Drivers pack makes a difference from model to another.

same here, with power and volume keys not working and Lid closing does not do anything.

The Volume keys and power button is a problem on all the tablets and windows 11. However i don’t mind volume and power not working since i used to accidentally touch them all the time, now i don’t have that problem. You can find plenty apps that you can use to “turn off screen from desktop shortcut” i have one on my desktop, when i want to turn off the screen i simply double tap the icon. As for volume, well it is a touch screen, if i turn volume up or down from a button or on the screen it doesn’t make much difference… the onscreen volume controller is right there… its a small price to pay to have windows 11. Besides, they may fix this at a later date, either Chuwi or Microsoft.

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i just want to put it out there and it is not a big deal for me too ( the power and Volume keys)
have a good day sir :slight_smile: