Another video streaming problem

One streaming problem with my new HiX 10 which I discussed on this Forum has been solved by stopping Hardware Acceleration. Now I must solve a second problem which is that most videos are unable to play at all. Sometimes I get nothing as the video is unable to start, but if it does it stops quickly, with at best a second or so displayed. It seems to me that it is constantly buffering without ever being able to play. I get neither vision or sound.

I have a new Broadband service from which I receive around 40 Mbps. I use either WiFi or Ethernet cable, with the same results, Troubleshooters have revealed nothing (do they ever?). RAM is OK. I try both HD and SD and a variety of speeds. What can I try next?

I have had the same problems that you mention, in fact, this problem occurs every time there is a large update of windows 10. The problem with removing the hardware acceleration is that the processor of the tablet is not enough to do a good handling of videos compressed in vp9 or others. so the videos do not load. so what did i do to fix this?
There is a simple solution … Install windows again. But the windows given in the forum.

  1. If you have installed a clean version of windows, you must download the version of windows 10 that is in the forum. since from my experience it is in this where there are some drivers that work correctly with the video card, and touchpad.
    If you want to have the latest version of windows, the process is not difficult, but it is very boring.
  2. Update your drivers with the intel program (
  3. then go to settings and go to windows update, recovery, and give the option to install windows from a clean image from the web, removing all data.
    Wait for the windows image to be downloaded, this process will download the most recent version of windows, and will add all the chuwi configuration that the manufacturer’s image has.
    Once the new windows is installed (the process usually takes an hour and a half)
    You will already have a fully functional windows with no video problems or nothing.

Some advices.

Never use the windows update tool, this will damage the image you currently have, and you will have to do all the steps from 2 to 3 again.
you should only use windows update.

In my case, I updated with the windows tool to windows 21H1, and the problems of flickering on the screen appeared when I watched a video from youtube or netflix. I did the steps above (2 to 3) and now I have windows 21h1 with everything working correctly.

How do I know all this? … Trial and error.
Previously I installed windows 10 on a usb, and it was a bad experience since, even installing the drivers separately, there were always problems.

I hope it helps you.

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