UBook hi pen 3 driver

Hello my friends! I was reinstall windows on my UBook, and i have 2 problems!

  1. stylus dont worked…
  2. touch screen is reversed in Y axis

I installed the drivers from this link http://www.mediafire.com/file/wudqu0od8bqbttu/UBOOK_drivers.rar/file
Problem present
I was change AAAA batterys. Still not worked!
I was buy the new stylus hi pen 3, Still not worked!
Also i need please TouchSetting.gt from C:/Windows/INF/

So i reinstall windows 3 times, i tryed all what is possible. problmes still here!

How to fix it? Heeeeeeeelp)
THank you

Deactivate before installing the driver, protection for the installation of digitally signed controllers. To do this go to start, configuration, update and security, recovery, advanced start, restart now. When restarting, a window will appear in which you must press 7 or F7 to start with the protection disabled. When it restarts, try installing the driver from the device manager

All drives are installed, after install GoodixTouchDriver for remplace HID I2C , touch not work enymore.

Please help )

Is your system 4100 or 6Y30? Please try to update the corresponding system. Here is the link: [Ubook] [Official Version] Chuwi Ubook Windows, drivers, EC,download

I have 6Y30
SN of my divice: Q128G519030817
I tryed to apply offcial image for 6Y30 downloaded here
–> https://www.mediafire.com/folder/om7q76pdv9cft/Ubook_6y30
Still not working…


i need driver for ACPI\GXTP7385 for solve this problem i think! Sombody drop me driver please!

GOODIX GT7385P driver

I already sent you a private message

Up still need driver, Bios update not helped.

Then you should contact service@chuwi.com