[Herobook] [Official Version] Chuwi Herobook Windows,drivers,bios,EC,tutorial download

[Official Version] CHUWI Herobook Windows

  1. Chuwi Herobook

Latest Herobook Windows Firmware download:


Latest Herobook Driver download:



The default system is installed to the SSD script:


Drviver link not working

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Hi, I downloaded the herobook firmware, next step is how to use or install it?
Can you provide a step how to do it? I want to reformat my herobook.


For some special reason?Do you know that the firmware is exactly the same as your device?Don’t flash the bios because it won’t change anything and you risk a brickWindows is restored from the Windows options itself: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, restore this PC (you put the charger and let it finish that it will take many hours although it seems it is stopped)

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is this an OS with driver on it? I reformat my chuwi herobook, then I want to complete my drivers and install it.

Yes, is this an OS with driver on

How to use it and install to my herobook? please advice for instruction.
A steps may help.


It is the same as this SurBook tutorial, but using the HeroBook-specific files published in this thread

Hello, [fabioit1995] Please look at here:(https://forum.chuwi.com/u/fabioit1995)http://www.mediafire.com/folder/7iys5i60zsgtnbi,153he4r7rz4nsto/shared

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Thanks so much

thank toy @manonegra222, btw can you share all the driver for CHUWI herobook.
I will try to install WIN10 pro.

Windows 10 Pro will not be activated without a legal key since on the HeroBook board there is an OEM license of Windows 10 Home multilanguage.
To install Windows 10 Pro, if you already have a license, you don’t have to do anything, just change the product number in the Windows options: Start, configuration, system, about, in the Wndows specifications section click on "change the product key or update the Windows edition ". In the next window, click on change the product key and enter the Windows 10 Pro key.
Windows will be updated only to Pro

okay, thanks for the advice. btw, I manage to extract all the driver need. I extracted the drivers from WIN10 home official firmware. So that I can install a clean OS win 10 pro.

thanks @manonegra222

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My new Herobook freezed every few minutes, could not install win10 1903. So I tried with the new version. But it does not work. Installation starts, but after a few minutes I get a red screen telling “FAIL”
Failed step was “Setting the recovery information”
w:\windows:\system32\reagentc /SetREImage /Path r:\recovery\windowsre /target w:windows
Error is: The system cannot find the path
The system is frozen :frowning:

Where have you installed Windows?
Have you deleted the partitions before starting the installation?
Explain a little more, please.

Thank you for your mail.

What happened is…

  1. Received the laptop and unpacked all.

Absolutely nothing to be seen unnormal

  1. Booting, defined a User

  2. Windows began to update the system.

  3. Most of the smaller updates were ok, with bigger ones the system got freezed,

but after a few tries, it succeeded

  1. Windows update 1903 kept freezing the system. We tried more than a day long

  2. ==> I suspected some drivers could be the problem, and went to search and download

ChuwiHerobookSS1800163-CHIWEI-NQ14E-3K-E. Unpacked it and booted via USB.

Then all is running perfect, until the error message written in the previous mail.

Once I waitet a few minutes longer, and the pc was freezed.

  1. Next step I tried with a Linux distro. Also via USB, same port ,and same results.

I start and there is no problem until the pc is frozen.

  1. ==> Now I suppose there must be a problem on the hardware level

(must have to do with thetemperature …)

Best regards,

I bought a SSD M.2 from KingSpec and I’m trying to install Windows 10 on it so that the Chuwi boots the OS from there. The laptop recognises the ssd as I was able to clone the partitions from the EEMC without any problem. However, when I try to boot from the ssd I get an error. Is it possible to reinstall windows 10 directly in the ssd without cloning it? Or the ssd is just not compatible? Can I use the files in this thread to install the windows 10 in the ssd?


By the way, this is a link to the ssd I bought.

Hola me podria facilitar los drivers pero solamente los drivers de wifi y de la placa de red! Se actualizo el windows 10 con el windows update y algo salio mal y ya no me anda el wifi! Pero no me aparece ya ni el nombre de la placa de red en administrador de dispositivos y me imagino que se habran borrados o corrompidos esos drivers! Por favor

si no aparecen los dispositivos en el administrador, ni después de un reinicio ni después de hacer una búsqueda de cambios de hardware en el menú del administrador de dispositivos es porque realmente estos dispositivos no son reconocidos por Windows. Para corregir ésto, ya que no podrás instalar los drivers si no aparecen los dispositivos, debes ir a inicio, configuración, actualización y seguridad, recuperación, restablecer este PC. Indica de principio que quieres conservar tus archivos. Inicia el proceso y pon el cargador porque puede tardar horas. Cuando acabe, comprueba si aparecen los dispositivos, aunque no estén los drivers correctos

Bueno ahora mismo hago eso…me es raro que un update haga eso asi luego…pero bueno no me queda de otra! Les comento como me fue…