[Official] The way to optimize keyboard power consumption for UBook Pro

I’ve tried to update the drivers following those links but, second forlder did not work, and now the Touchppad does not work at all.

Thanks in advance for a solution.

had the same problem, after each step, disconnect and reconnect the keyboard

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Done, but no working. I think I need the keyboard / touchpad drivers.
Someone knows how to get them?

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restart the tablet with the keyboard on, go to the first installer in folder 1, install it, take off the keyboard, reconnect it, install the second installer in folder 2, when finished, take off the keyboard and reconnect it, and run the third installer and when finished take the keyboard off again and reconnect it, restar after.

it should work. the thing is, thos installers flash the firmware of the keyboard and update it, for that it has to disconnect thekeyboard and put it in flash mode. you need all 3 drivers installed (link in the first post)

also, if you need the whole lot of drivers, in the forum someone posted it. download it and go to the .inf files and chose install for each driver.


Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions, in fact the power point was not so clear to me.
I will do following strictrly what you are saying.
I hope it works, because I don’t know if in the meantime I’ve remove some esential driver.
I’ll let you know.

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i can point you to the drivers pack, just in case. also, as i said, i had the same issue and i freaked out because both the keyboard and the touchpad stopped working after first installer, and when i reconected it, the touchpad worked like the arrows, would move stuff leftand right but not the mouse.

after doing what i told you, and installed all 3 installers, now both the keyboard and touchpad are working, and i can dim or turn off the keyboard backligt and turn off and on the touchpad presing Fn Esc

edit: here youhave the threads with all the drivers

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Thanks a lot. In fact, no needed these latest drivers, I´ve followed strictly your instruction once downloaded the files described at the beginning of this chat (just removing the chinese characters). Finally everything is working properly, in fact I´m writen this using the keyboard.
Thank you very much (I´m going to save the drivers, perharps they will be usefull in the future)


glad to help :slight_smile:

my advice, download them and have them somewher as backup, just in case something happens to the OS and you have to install windows all over. happened to me, between messing with the bios and android, i messed up beyond repair my windows 10 installation, so i had to do it anew, i also partitioned the ssd and now i have a dualboot windows10/android 9 rc2

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After updating the UBook Pro -8100Y keyboard using the instructions on this thread my keyboard backlight now turns off in sleep mode - Thank you Chuwi for the fix. My mouse pointer however has now become very imprecise, almost as if it no longer has microsoft precision drivers. If I keep my finger on the track pad the mouse courser continues to move after my finger stops for about a 1/2 inch (12 millimeters) making it very difficult to click on any smaller area of the page. If I immediately lift my finger it will stop the pointer, but when my finger stays in contact with the pad it continues to move. I re-flashed the driver 3 times and the cursor still moves after my finger stops. I compared the touchpad on my Samsung Galaxy book 12 and it performs perfectly as a touch pad should. Prior to the keyboard driver update the track pad worked really well, as well as the Samsung. I tried every combination in the touchpad setting area such as sensitivity and pointer speed and still the pointer is very frustrating to control. If there would be any way to go back to the old keyboard driver I would rather deal with the backlight issue than a touchpad pointer that keeps moving after my finger stops. Any one else considering this driver update may want to think twice if the the touchpad becomes challenging to control. I would be happy to send a video of the touch pad movement

I have not come across this issue. I did notice that the touchpad is very sensitive. It is best if you barely touch the touchpad when moving your finger. Almost hovering your finger over the pad instead of pressing down on it. It works better that way for me.

I typically use a bluetooth mouse as I am not fond of touchpads in general. I use the setting to turn the touchpad off when an external mouse is connected so as not to get errant mouse movements from accidentally touching the touchpad while typing.

Thank you very much for the quick reply, I am glad you have not experienced this issue. The track pad sensitivity is fine it’s the fact the mouse keeps on moving after stopping movement on the track pad. Something in the new keyboard
driver has made this touch pad very difficult to use. Is there any way to re-install the original driver that came with the UBook Pro 8100Y ? The original driver worked like it was supposed to.

Thank you for your time

Shannon O’Malley

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

I don’t think there is a way to reset the touchpad back to the original settings as it appears that the software provided made firmware changes to the keyboard and touchpad. It might not be a simple driver change but would most likely have to be software provided by Chuwi to reset the touchpad settings. I believe others are having the same issue with the touchpad as you.

You might want to send an email to aftersale-service@chuwi.com for support directly from Chuwi. The more people that send an email to them about the same issue, the more likely they will resolve the problem. They may be able to update the touchpad with software again.

One more question, have you tried to turn off the Enhanced Pointer Precision under the mouse settings?

Oh, also you can try to delete the touch pad driver, reboot and have it reinstall.
In device manger / select Human Interface Devices / right click HID-compliant touch pad / uninstall device
Reboot and it should reinstall the driver.
This might work for you.

I agree that touchpad works better before to install the last patches. On the other way the problem of backlight was too big to do nothing and with hurry…

I hope Chuwi will continue to work to improve firmware and overall performance of this product for at least a couple of years like other brand manifacturers. This is a key point to maintain trust of Clients…

I confirm. The touchpad is like rubber. After stopping the finger, the cursor continues to move for some time. Need fix for this fix! :slightly_smiling_face:

Chuwi, I still got a problem with backlight, like when I turn it off and then closing the lid and open it again, backlight is turning on automatically. Is there an option to turn it completely off?

For a work-around on the backlight coming on, you can disable the fast startup under power options/choose what the power buttons do. By disabling Fast Startup, the keyboard backlight should no longer come on.

Note, this will not fix the issue with the backlight coming on when removing and reinserting the AC power. I am waiting on Chuwi for a fix for this issue.

Disabling Fast Startup didnt work for me. :disappointed: Waiting for chuwi upgrade

Download Link don’t work

I just updated it. :smile:

Now fix the Fn Keys for enable the F1 - F12 Key

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