Request for UBook Pro TouchPad driver

To the Chuwi Developer team.

Due to the TouchPad in the attached keyboard only can be see as a mouse not the TouchPad, this will cause the Windows not allow to change any gestures in the setting and trouble for using the keyboard.

Because of the default of the TouchPad are so annoyed especially for top-down gestures that will cause the keyboard will missed typing because the windows will minimize down to the taskbar by just a little bit touched by resting my thumbnail on the space between spacebar and touchpad or drag down the curser from the top.

And I still need custom gestures to revers scall, touch zone, touch sensitivity, etc…

I hope you will care about this problem and release the software driver soon.


Thank you for your appreciations, please share it at the email address

I agree in that I’d like to see the driver for the TouchPad to be updated, especially since the backlight on the keyboard remains on even when the machine is off, leading to power drainage. If you want to fix the minimize issue, I posted an issue/solution to that as a temporary workaround. Essentially, any way you can disable the “Win + Down Arrow” shortcut will work. You can find my post here:

Good luck!

I send the email to share this problem as your recommended.

Second, while low-level support for touchpad hardware is of course crucial, what Apple gets right is that it essentially forces devs to conform to conventions and support all fancy features. Even Windows is nowhere near as consistent. Exhibit A: smooth scrolling, which some apps support, but many don’t. Linux is even more spotty.

Update for my question to

I already ask back again about how to change the gestures setting.
Now, I only waiting for a response.

Please see update #15 for instructions for the new keyboard and touchpad drivers. You will need to reboot your tablet after installation to get the touchpad settings to show in the Device section of Windows Settings.

Or follow this official thread: