Drivers, Sistem image and bios of new chuwi ubook 11.6

Hi, i need the drivers and system image of new book 11.6 and the bios. there because i have install windows 10 by usb but the touch don’t working and there are some other problems.


I see that the bios is only for the 6у30 version, if you have 4100, please do not install it. It is better to first reset the bios settings and if problems persist you can contact to get a bios for your version.

I have already tried to install these drivers but the touchscreen is reversed

Is gyroscope work? This drivers work together.

Yes, if I touch a point on the screen the screen reacts in the top place

The Y axis is inverted and also in the touchpad as for the scroll with two fingers it goes backwards

Well, contact aftersale, they should have another drivers or solution of your problems.

ok, hoping they solve the problem; it doesn’t even charge from usb type-c even if it says on the site it should

They only asked me for the serial number of the model and then however I never received any reply…

I have not yet received any reply to my emails to chuwi … is there anyone who has an original (factory) system image of the new chuwi ubook 11.6 8/256 n4100?

Yeah you need to download the drivers , just install driver detect tools in google than download them , personally I don’t like windows 10…

snaptube telegram web

I’ve already installed all the drivers several times but the touch is reversed