Ubook Pro BIOS Reset with no display

Hi there,

My Ubook Pro is bricked, the screen wont turn on, but the blue light comes on. I want to reset the BIOS to its default settings. Can someone post screenshots of the BIOS menu or the key combo to restore to default settings? You’ll be a life saver!

Press and hold Esc at startup for about 2-5 seconds, press F3 (load defaults) => Enter => F4 (save & exit) => Enter.
This will only work if the tablet is initialized (the LED on the usb flash drive blinks when the tablet is turned on)

Thanks for your reply Biosham, I tried that, sadly it didn’t work, I plugged a USB in and it didn’t light up. Will try and attempt to disconnect the battery now and see if that helps.

So I managed to open up the Ubook Pro and disconnected the battery. This reset the BIOS and it’s booting up again. Word of caution to those who try this, the battery connector is extremely flimsy, it broke while disconnecting, as well as the aluminum frame of the tablet, especially where the keyboard connects to it,it’s very thin and will break. While lifting the screen up, it broke for me. The power and volume buttons will break while inserting the screen back… Tablets running though, so that’s one silver lining. Won’t be opening it up again in the future.