UbookPro USB C is not working any more

My UbookPro, which had been working without any problems yesterday, suddenly stops it’s USB C port.
It cannot be charged through this port, not acknowledge any USB C peripherals.
Does anyone help me with this problem?
Thanks on advance.

I’ve had this a couple of times in the past as well. It might help to just reboot, if that doesn’t do the trick resetting the BIOS to defaults did get the USB-C working every time so far. No idea why, this is literally my first computer ever where I’ve had to reset the BIOS to defaults to get something working again (without first altering the BIOS myself of course).

Resetting to defaults sounds scary, but in fact won’t change anything about your working Windows or other OS installation. It just clears the BIOS ROM of any alterations that might’ve happened.

Thanks for the early reply. I’ll definitely try your method ASAP, though I’m still wondering if this method really helps. I’ve got a feeling that there’s something wrong with the connection. Thanks anyway. :blush:

I’ve had this phenomenon before.
This happens when an error is detected. Too much power, too warm or short circuit. Then the USB controller is deactivated until the next hard reset. Unfortunately, the UbookX only ever makes a soft reset when it reboots. Therefore, a restart is not enough.

The BIOS does not have to be reset, however.
A hard reset is enough. To do this, switch on the UBook x and hold down the power button for 8-10 seconds and the UBook X switches itself off with a hard reset.

Hi there again. I tried your method, but it didn’t work. I restarted many times, of course. Also, I put the bios into the default. No, USB C does not work. Sad :rofl:
Thanks for your advice, though.

Thanks for another pointer. I’m trying this method this time.
To my dismay, nothing happens when I put USB C into the slot. No sound, nothing appears, no charging.
Oh, I’m at a loss. Thank you guys for tips. Does anyone have another idea?

Then it would have to be clarified whether the USB-C works in principle.
What happens when you connect other devices to USB-C? A mouse or a USB stick e.g.

If you can safely rule out the USB-C power supply as defective, you could also test it when it is switched off. The UBook X charges even when it is switched off. The red LED then comes on.

If after a hard reset neither another device does not charge even when it is switched off, then there is probably a hardware defect.

Thank you. I’ll try with a USB stick. I will also try to charge it through USB C port. Then I’ll get back here to report the situation. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve tried all of your method, but my USB c port doesnot respond to any actions. I believe it is a hardware defect. I have no choice but to use this pc without USB c. :pensive:Thank you all for your advice.

That’s too bad. I did hear a lot of problems with the internal connection of the USB-ports as well, part of the cost-savings to get these devices as cheap as they are I guess. You might check if the port is still connected internally (the Ubook Pro is pretty easy to open up), but chances are that it’s just a fried controller-chip which is almost impossible to check or replace yourself.

Thank you for the info. I will use this tablet without USB-C port for the time being. Eventually, when I need to replace the battery, I’m going to disassemble it and see if I can fix it or not, thopugh, chances are that it is unfixable. Thank you very much for your help.

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I had the same problem from October 2019. Initially it was just a chance that the usb-c port was not working properly, three days ago it started usb-c port was completely useless. It does not recognize any connected device, does not charge with the usb-c port, and does not charge any device connected to the usb-c port. Personally, I think this should be a problem in the choice of materials for the chuwi.

I agree with you on the point that they should have chosen the materials thoroughly. Without the USB-C port, which is one of the main features of this gadget, this is not worth keeping. Portability is less available.
I haven’t used mine for some time now.

Welcome to the club of Ubookpro 12"3 users with non working USB C.
And keyboard replacements no more availble .

Chuwis shame

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Well ppl, I had this problem since some months ago. I read a lot of posts about this that seems a very common issue. I’ve tried all the methods described and nothing worked. I’m really an hard head , so i remembered that my old htc smartphone had a similar problem…it’s really easy to solve !
First power off the tablet. Then simply clean the usbc connector with a thin possibly wooden stylus like a tooth cleaner and a thin cloth wet with alcohol . Brush it hard in deep but don’t force the connector. 2 minutes and voilà you solved this f… problem for free.

Bye folks

Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried your method, but yours didn’t work for my device. Thanks anyway.

Sorry, anyway are you sure 100% that the cable is working? Is the device attached working if attached to another usbc pc/tablet ? Have you done some mod in the bios as someone has written here ? Maybe this mod has to be canceled. Maybe your oxidation is hard try isopropyl alcohol the same used for cleaninc pcb contacts…hope this solve or your is a real broken usbc port. Regards

All right, no problem. The cable is solid. I have tried the same cable connected to the other device, and it works fine. I’m afraid mine has a broken USB port.:disappointed_relieved:

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