A sudden usb-C dont work anymore

Hi to all, a sudden port USB-C stopped working , first I noticed when I plugged my ethernet adapter in it ……, could be broken i thought , but then i plugged my pd charger in it who worked before perfect with it …… and no , no red dot lighted up on UBook pro as before , also plug in or out makes no different or sound on" devices screen" as before from windows 10…!

could it ….? a few unexpected updates from Windows appeared installed ?

Anybody any idea as UbookPro worked fine up to now , ?

You have to try to find out if the problem is hardware, because the port has been broken or disconnected, or it is software.
Go to the device manager and see if a yellow triangle appears on the USB device that may indicate that it is a driver problem.

hi, strange things happen with Chuwis , ……I checked all I could check ,nothing yellow in device manager screen , so I just left it hanging that ethernet usb-C adapter …….and a few hours later I wanted it to remove as I saw the blue flashing light under that white plastic …… it started working !!
I guess windows updated it by his self, as I saw some few additional drivers available , like for my card reader as that gave also problems to connect to my taxOnWeb box , could not enter , but could enter other gov. sites . so a few general drivers available if 'meeting problems " Microsoft line ….seems they know they did it again …I guess , lol

PD C-power adapter not working on Usb-C port …… maybe later :wink:.
Anyway glad ethernet works as big different in speed for my low line max 30mb vdsl by 3BB Thailand , but got now 65mb , yes strange things lately on the whole net .
Anyway thanks for the advice /help
Strange thing lately on internet and so, anyway it works , I think the windows 10 updates from today are in for it