USB C didn't work

I got new ubook 11’6”, overall my ubook is working properly.

Lately I noticed that I cannot use the USB type C. I never use the usb type c before because I know that it cannot charge. Lately I want to use the tye c USB to connct to projector. But it cannot detect the ubook. I have changed the hub, but still not detected.

I there any driver to fix this? Or is it a hardware malfunction?


I was able to use a USB “C” SSD with the “C” connector, but the read speed was around 40 MBPS (other computers I have with a “C” port show read speeds with the same drive of > 500 MBPS.

The other advantage of a USB “C” port is that it is supposed to supply more power than a USB “A” port, but I doubt that is the case with this particular machine,