Ubook pro USB Type C not working

I’m having trouble trying to charge or conecting any usb type c to my ubook pro, nothing seems to work, it is like a dead port.

Does someone have the same problem?

I would be grateful for any help or hints in how to activate it, otherwise i’ll send it back.

Thank you guys in advance

Mine works, but you need a PD USB C adapter. A standard USB C / mobile charger will not work.

The one I use is : https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Charger-Adapter-Macbook-Matebook/dp/B079FW6B7G

With cable:

Que versión tienes?
La que lleva el N4100 creo que no carga por el USB C, ademas debes usar un cargador Power Deliveri de la menos 35W ( yo he probado con 18W y si bien dice que estar cargando… realmente no carga)

Mine is the N4100 ubook pro. The information about it not charging via usb C is incorrect as mine always has. This is the only way I charge mine now. I don’t bother with the supplied charger. The adaptor and cable I use was in my post above… it is a 65w usb C charger.

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It is actually working with my mobile charger, i just ordered a new one without noticing it is a ubook new version, no pro version and that’s why it is not working i guess

Edito: Yo tengo el modelo m3 y funciona el USB C tanto carga como Hdmi

That is incorrect. I have the N4100 and usb C charging and HDMI over USB C both work. Check my earlier post of the hardware I use. Mine is the N4100 ubook pro. My USB C hub with HDMI is : https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Adap-HDMI-Charging-Port/dp/B07WYWGBKH

I can both charge and use the hub at the same time, all devices (hub, cable and adapter ) all need to support PD ( power delivery ).