Slow speed of the USB C port!

I’ve been running CrystalDiskMark on the USB ‘A’ and ‘C’ ports, using an NVMe drive in an adapter. (On a different PC I get speeds of about 980 MB/s from it.) On the Herobox I’m getting drastically different speeds between the ‘A’ and the ‘C’ ports, with it looking like the ‘C’ is only running at USB2 speed!

NVMe Win 10 USB A
NVMe Win 10 USB C

Not that it means anything to me, I’ve uploaded a screenshot of USB Tree Viewer

Any thoughts on why this might be? I’m getting similar results on both Win 10 and Win 11.

Someone in a different forum here (UBook) seems to have reported the same issue… (USB C didn't work)

Mystery solved! Evidently the USB C is designed to be USB 2.0!

Have to confess, until I searched, I didn’t realise there were USB 2, type ‘C’ ports! (I thought it was meaning backwardly compatible!)

I also get USB 2.0 speed(about 35MB/s) on the front USB 3.0 ports on Herobox. I checked the drivers for updates and Windows 10 “say” they are up to date and no other driver is available.

So all USB ports(3.0 and C) are actually 2.0?

In all the testing I used external USB 3.0 HDD and also external SSD. The speeds are always around 35MB/s. On my desktop the same external HDD speeds are around 100MB/s and the SSD is around 300MB/s.

That’s not good news for you! :woozy_face: I am at least getting USB 3.0 speeds on my front ‘A’ ports. (As shown on the speed tests in the original post.) Maybe contact support? (Though I’ve had no response to my email!)

It seems that only one USB A 3.0 from the front works as USB 3.0(the one close to Power button). The other USB A 3.0 port(the one close to the USB C) works as USB 2.0