Getting Herobox CPU up to speed

Hi, my new Herobox has just arrived.

The spec sheet says CPU speed is 2.4 GHz.

The Control Panel in Windows says it is only 1.1 GHz.

How do I get it up to 2.4 GHz? Or will it jump up automatically when required?


Hey Arg, welcome to the forum.

Usually the frequency jumps up and down based on load. Take a look at the performance tab in task manager and see if it says different speeds.

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Thank you Donut.

Are you saying that the listing under Control Panel>System and Security>System, which says “Processor: Intel Celeron N4100 CPU @ 1.10GHz”, is actually a live reading of CPU behaviour? I thought it would be the specification of the CPU, or at least its limit as per current settings.

That is why I think it needs a settings change.

I will check a couple of things tomorrow. Mine says my Ryzen is a 3.5 GHz processor, but I know it boosts to 4 something.

I think it is listing the base frequency.

Hi Donut, you are right. I checked the Performance tab under Task Manager, and it says the CPU base speed is 1.1 GHz, but its actual live speed seems to be mostly in the 1.7 to 2.1 GHz range.

Well, that is most reassuring to me. I am happy knowing it is not locked at 1.1 GHz.

Just want to thank you again for your help.



Enjoy your Herobox.