Hi everyone.
I would like to understand what I can use type c for.
I know I can’t load the pc but my questions are:
-Can I attack a multiport with ethernet, video outputs, sd card reader, ethernet?
-Can I use it to read data and recharge my phone?

  • Are there other uses?
    Thanks for the future reply.

I tried to connect a 10-port USB-C hub that offers extensions like ethernet, card reader, vga and usb 3.0 ports but no success. Nothing works out. I am really disappointed like whats the purpose of this C port if it neither supports extensions nor charging. The same type c hub i was able to use on my samsung. So i am also following this thread if someone supports us.

I have the ubook m3-6y30 and for usb-c, with a hub, everything works for me: ethernet, HDMI, VGA, audio, usb sd card …

I think they commented that with the ubook n4100 it did not go.

I also tried a USB C to HDMI converter and it didn’t work…

the usb-c port on the U-book is only enabled for standard usb. It’s only there as part of the sales pitch. It does have a micro HDMI port anyway. Get a usb-c to usb 3 adapter is the best you can do, gives you 3 usb ports in total. doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s a con though.

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