Ubook type c charge

is it possible to charge ubook with the usb type c charger? please let me know before i buy this product. tks

The 4100 version does not support type C charging, but 6Y30 does.

(model UBOOK 11.6 INCH) I would like to understand what I can use type c for.
I know I can’t load the pc but my questions are:
-Can I attack a multiport with ethernet, video outputs, sd card reader, ethernet?
-Can I use it to read data and recharge my phone?

  • Are there other uses?
    Thanks for the future reply.
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All of this is fine for the 6Y30 version, but it’s slow to charge your phone.

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My CPU is a N4100 not a M3-
6Y30. What can I do with this? Thanks for the future reply

Then you can only connect the usb flash drive, keyboard and mouse.

I just purchased the Ubook from Amazon

As you can see it clearly says USB-C charging. I am very disappointed with this as I primarily purchased this for taking away from the home with me and using a portable USB charger when on flights.

Surely this is false advertising??

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I believe it is refering to the fact that you can charge external USB devices that are connected to the USB-C port. Not that it accepts PD charging. There is no PD charging specs on the UBook even on the Chuwi Website itself. Nor does Amazon state anything about PD charging on the UBook.

Ubook - Versatile USB-C

Ubook Pro - PD 2.0 Fast Charge

The UBook Pro does allow for charging via the USB-C port with a PD charger.

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This is what it says

Versatile Interface, All In One

UBook has versatile USB Type-C interface. It sets transmission data, charging in one. It can also connect Hub to more extensions.It almost meet the all peripheral connection in the market

Clearly says charging.

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Yes, as I stated, it can charge external devices. Not that it accepts PD charging. It doesn’t say anything about PD charging.

It can send/receive data. It can send a charge. It can connect to a hub. It is for peripheral connection.

That is how I read it.

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A tablet that doesn’t accept USB charging is pointless really as it doesn’t make it very portable. Im very disappointed with this

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Yeah, I can understand that.

Can you return it? Maybe get a UBook Pro instead. That would satisfy your power need.

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Unfortunately Amazon UK doesn’t have the Pro model

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The UBook Pro is available for purchase on the Indiegogo site. That is how I got mine.