UBook X 12" Type C not charging (corrected - misleading advertisement)

So the ads said charging possible via type c, not working for me when I tried using my phone charger, maybe I got it wrong on the charger? Anyone has advice? Thanks.

Ok, found out that chuwi didn’t ship the type c pd charger with my order. Have reached out to them on re-shipment. Finger cross.

This product specs is taken from chuwi official store at 28 Aug 2020, 1003hrs (SG time). I got a response from chuwi store email account, and they said that “in the box” means that the tablet allow usb c pd charging, and does not means that the usb c pd chargers are included in the product purchase. Say what you like, but their ads has been quite misleading till now, from the stylus not being inclusive, and now this.

Not that a charger is a expensive, but it is the feeling of being cheated that sucks.

Chuwi replied saying that the usb c pd charger is not included “in the box”, it was a mis-understanding, and they taken note of the feedback, and will improve their services…whatever…

So the product accessories list they advertised might not be correct.

Can charge from a PD powerbank…